Where do you live ?

Where do you live ?

This question is not about your home or place of residence but rather seeks to dig into your mindset and in turn how your mindset sets the stage and utlimately drives your behaviour.

I was introduced to a very interesting concept yesterday that provides some wonderful insight into the world that we all live in and how we choose to see ourselves and better understand those around us.     The concept was introduced by Dan Sullivan of  Strategic Coach ® and is defined as “The 10x Matrix”.     The concept is simple yet very powerful and contrasts people that live in a worldview of scarcity, characterized by resentfulness with those that choose to live in a world of abundance which drives the behavioural trait of resourcefulness.  Dan works with very successful entrepeneurs all of which are seeking to multiply their respective worlds 10X and it is wihtin this context that Dan has developed and shared his theory.


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